Visit to an Ostrich farm and Firefly sightseeing

Dear Gia and Vito,

It was a great family adventure/ experience. It was worth the trip and the bonding time with the family.

We wanted to visit these places so you can experience it. I knew you would enjoy it, but I never thought that I would enjoyed it so much.

Some facts that I learned in the tour:

About the Ostrich that we learned about:

  • the ostrich are the largest and fastest running birds
  • they eat plants (we were able to feed them)
  • they have only 2 toes and only one toe have a nail
  • healthiest eggs with only 30% cholesterol (based on the guide)
  • you can stand on the eggs (the maximum weigh it has withstand is 160 kg)
  • one egg is equivalent to 25-30 chicken eggs (based on the guide)
  • they do not bury their heads under the sand (too much cartoons)
  • a day old ostrich is almost as big as a chicken
  • the meat is so tender and delicious (this is what we were able to try)
  • there are a lot of products that can be produced from an ostrich

About Fireflies that we learned about:

  • by the number of flicker it can do, you can determine the sex of a firefly
     (males – 3 times in 1 second, females – 1 time in 3 seconds)
  • males have 2 breathing tubes, females only have 1 breathing tube
  • fireflies only live for 7 days (based on the guide)
  • camera flash can kill fireflies (based on the guide)

Right after the firefly sightseeing, the rain poured heavily. It was a sign that it was the end of the tour.

Family time is really a must even if we are very busy at work. It may be just a few hours together, but quality time can never be measured.

Planning for our next trip next month.

I love you!



Thank you for entertaining our guests

Dear Gia and Vito,

First of all, I would like to thank you for a very warm welcome and entertaining our guests (your aunt and uncle).

I felt the connection immediately when you saw them and hugged them.

Gia has been always excited to meet be with anyone our members of the family. It was a great feeling as I really like the family relationship to be strong. Even if we live far from them, you know them and every time you see each other, it becomes like a reunion.

I love you.


Second tooth out

Dear Gia,

Last Saturday, your second tooth came out.

It was a struggle compared to the first tooth as this stuck and wiggled but was still attached to the gums.

We had to wiggle it to the front but not to the back as the permanent tooth was behind. Wiggled it to the left and right but was attached to the gums.

After so much wiggling, you said it was painful and was calling mommy, but she was still not at home.

Eventually, when you pushed with your tongue, it came out. So we rushed to the fridge and took cold water and ice.

In the end it came out well. Just hope that the permanent tooth can straighten up in front.

I love you


Holiday, sick and stayed at home

Dear Gia and Vito,

It was a holiday but unfortunately both of you are sick and it would be best to stay at home.

There could have been a lot of things we could have done. But all these are could have been and would have been.

The best thing was we were all together and did our best to enjoy each other’s company.

I enjoyed hugging and kissing both of you. I know that we can only do these while you are young as when you grow older, you can wiggle your way out. Coloring your coloring book (that I really enjoyed , it was like therapeutic for me). Watching TV together with the cartoons that you like. Watching cooking shows with mommy. Running around the house and a lot more.

Both of you did not go to playground because Gia just disoriented her elbow. Our question was, then where could you have gotten the hand, foot and mouth disease? We always wash your hands every time we get home, which is the most we can prevent this disease from contracting.

There are a lot of speculations on where you got that disease but nothing will ever be confirmed. Just yesterday, I saw a child with the same hand, food and mouth disease symptoms in the food center. I said to myself, the children should have stayed at home and not go around because other children may get the virus. Parents should be considerate when their children are sick and care for others that might get sick.

Having HFMD was easily transmitted from children to children, some examples are by saliva, contact to blister liquid or stool. Children having contracted it will have a lot of blisters inside and outside the mouth, hands, feet and even the body.

Feeling itchy all over the body, not being able to eat properly and not being able to sleep at night was by far the worst experience with this disease.

What we can only do is try to comfort you in any way possible. We literally had to scratch you foot at night and find ways to reduce the itchiness. Hearing you cry and not being able to sleep broke my heart because we knew that we had to help you but all ways possible did not work.

I even ask you to try to dip your foot in cold water, that Gia enjoyed doing and temporarily forgot about the itch, but after just a few minutes it was there again.

Even if we had to stay at home, I had a great time.

I love you!



Pictures printed!

At last, we have chosen at least 100 pictures to be printed.

It has been pushed, moved, delayed or whatever you call it. There was always a “valid reason” why printing the pictures has been delayed.

Really? Well, I guess they were all excuses. I did back-up some files one time, but choosing what pictures to be printed were delayed. 

If Gia was to say it, “it took ages to get the pictures printed”.

I am very sorry Gia and Vito. Thanks to mommy that she decided to choose some pictures and we just had to add a few more to complete the 100 pictures required.

Guess what! There will be 1 free 8R photo. That is a great deal!



Simple Magic Tricks

Dear Gia,

I do not remember doing magic tricks when I was a child. I got interested on some simple magic tricks, learned it and wanted to make a show for you and your brother tonight.

I knew it was something nice to learn and would be great to show off even to some children.

I love to teach you something because I believe it builds confidence and not force to do it.

The first trick I taught you was the rubber band trick. The rubber band starts from the ring and pinky finger and after saying the magic word, it transfers to the middle and index finders.

Your first reaction was, WOW, how did you do that? Can you show me?

I will tell you how I did it and we can keep it as a secret.

The next trick was the paper clips trick. Two separate paper clips will come together with just sliding the paper.

I got the same reaction and was very happy to see you interested. After teaching you the trick, you showed it to your auntie.

You said, look here I will show you a trick. Tadah! Daddy is my assistant (that made me smile and made my day!).

Next, we will find some science experiments to do. To get you to be interested.

In the morning, show your tricks to mommy and make me proud!

I love you!


Attended a Baptism Seminar

Yesterday I did attend a baptism seminar. It was a pre-requisite before becoming a Godparent.

I remembered the times that we had to attend to these seminars for the baptism of my children. Initially I did comment, do I still need to attend since I already am a parent and I have attended this types of seminars.

Then I made me realize that every seminar is different. Why? Because the people giving seminars are also different. So even if there is a process or procedure that need to be followed, the experience is totally different.

One most important thing to remember is that not all the things you hear you can remember or recall.

I cannot recall the exact seminar for my daughter which was about 6 years ago. What I can was my son’s baptism seminar that was about 1 and a half years ago. 

All of the seminars will explain what is baptism and about the cleansing of the water and the anointing of the oil. 

As parents, we have the obligation to take care of the children and let them grow up in the image and likeness of God. We were bless and entrusted with children and we have to make sure that we 

What struck me most was when they asked about keeping the faith. We make up a lost of excuses on why we do not go to church and there was once my daughter asked me, why did we not go to church today? I really do not have a good answer and tell them the honest answer why is not justifiable and set not a good example. I do not recall my answer, but after giving some thought. I think I should have answered, I am sorry, we should have and it was my fault. 

The children are a reflection of what we the parents are. Whatever we do, they would think is correct and will follow. If you do not go to church, then they will also follow you. Whatever reasons you use will also be their reason when asked. You will hear because my parents said so. 

Godparents should be chosen properly and not just for the sake of getting who is famous, wealthy or for what other reasons.  

As Godparents, we also have to make sure that we will be available for them in times of need, especially spiritually. The children will not see us always but we should make the most when we see each other.